How to identify a poor website

If you have a personal website or a website for your business, then being able to identify a poor website is necessary. Because a poor website will not only drive your visitors away but also give them a poor perception about your business.

Here are a few factors that indicates the quality of a website-


The website speed is the first impression that a visitor gets when they enter your website link in the search bar. Most of the people expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds. Websites that take longer time to load gets less visitors and high bounce rate. Good website speed is also helpful for your website to rank in the search result of search engines.

Mobile Compatibility

If your website is not mobile friendly then you shouldn’t call it a good website. Most of the users today browse internet with their mobile phones or other devices with small screen. So, it should be one of the primary requirements for a website. Mobile incompatibility also impacts the SEO performance.

Design Issues

If your website has a very complex user experience design that makes finding desired information hard then you need to change that. The second thing is not having proper colour combination for fonts and background. This will make reading any text content difficult and inconvenient.

Too much ads

Have you ever visited a website and got bombarded by pop-up ads? Well, we all have faced this experience. Too many ads or irritating pop-ups not only make browsing uncomfortable but at the same time forces the visitor to leave. So, having too much ad is another sign of a poor website.

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