Welcome to Enigma CYBERNAUTS support, please read this before submitting a ticket.

To ensure you have the best possible technical support in relation to your website and/or email hosting we have introduced a new support ticketing system through Zendesk.

We all understand how frustrating technology can be when it is not working as it should be. The most important factor for providing the best support is for us to understand the issue completely. Implementing this new system will allow us to fully understand your issue as well as provide you with the best support possible.

What we can help you with.

  • Your Website
  • Your Email
  • Your Domain
  • Your Hosting
  • Implementing SSL certificate to your website
  • Updating DNS information
  • Migration of your website to and from different providers

Enigma CYBERNAUTS will always do everything we can to assist and will offer advice and some direction as to what you can do rectify issues if it is not something that comes under our control.

How you can get the fastest solution.

Diagnosing a technical error is always more efficient when we understand your issue as much as possible. IT support is a process of elimination and testing to identify the issue. For this reason, it is very important that you are as descriptive as possible about the issue you are experiencing. The form below is therefore very important to ensure we can provide the most efficient solution to your issue.

  • Information about the device e;g Windows, Mac, mobile etc
  • Information about the email application e;g Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, webMail, etc
  • A clear description of the error and anything you noticed out of the ordinary. A screenshot of the error or the exact error code you have received. eg: ‘cannot connect to incoming mail server’ or ‘incorrect username and password.
  • Ensure your connection with the internet is functioning by going to a new website and pressing ‘Ctrl F5’ to clear the web browser cache.
  • If the issue is with your email please use an alternative or personal email that is functioning
  • Provide any screenshot if applicable.

What to do when you need support.

Please fill out the form below and a support ticket will be created for your issue.

Our support hours are from 8.00am -12.00am (AEST) 7 days a week via email. Typically we will have minor issues resolved within 24 hours. Complicated issues may take longer.

The server support team will communicate with you via the Zendesk ticketing system until the situation is resolved. In extreme cases, Quazi Elahee, the System Support Manager, who will be monitoring all support tickets, may need to call you for further assistance and investigation only after an email ticket has been sent.

Support Form
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